Vlek is Brussels/Belgium based and aims to represent local beatmakers around the world. Launched in 2010, it has more than 8 releases planned for this year, including EP's from Cupp Cave and Squeaky Lobster, several compilations, a K7 album, and other surprises. It has no melodic boundaries, and its team is working towards no less than opening the whole local scene to a wider audience. Their recent 'AMAI' compilation is the expression of this willingness: on each 7" you'll find a belgian and an international beat, paired in heaven.





Dimitri Runkkari is one third of Vlek and the master behind the label's artwork direction. Rest assured he knows his mixer even better than his screenprint machine, and that's already saying a lot. Ink never bleeds in his hands. Your ears might.

Cupp Cave was once heralded as Belgian’s Best Kept Secret.  Well, guess what?  The secret’s out.  From the US to Japan, his glitchy beats have stood out as some of the most innovative and rich amongst today’s electronic hip hop producers. 



Squeaky Lobster is belgian beatmaker Laurent Delforge, hailing from Brussels. With cinematic beats and crackling snares, this electroacoustic instrumentation teacher uses anything he can to produce his multi-layers beatcakes (skateboard smashed to pieces in 'Flying Rupies', anyone?).


 DJ    DJ    VJS

Justas Fresh learnt how to scratch, quickly found his talent and rose to become one of the finest selectors on the Lithuanian scene. As part of the internationally respected Mondayjazz crew, his taste has been influencing the world for years and he aint stoppin'.



Vaiper is the driving force of the Lithuanian beatmaking scene, running a radio show, rap crew, live band, beat battles and a million other things. Always supporting local producers, he gets the fresh stuff first and brings it to you with love.

http://www.rob.lt /


Nosignal are Vytas and Vaclovas and they put video on walls. Using triggers and multiple sources, incorporating accidental glitches and digital corruption, their hypnotic style will force your eyes to dance to the beat.